Extra virgin olive oil “Nuance” – 100% Picholine cultivar



100 % Picholine.


fruity green, with very clear hints of green tomato, grass and aromatic herbs, on the palate hints of bitter and spicy in balance. Combinations:

Recommended pairings:

crustaceans, raw fish, legumes

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“Soffio” oil is a multi varietal oil that contains all the scents typical of oils from Apulia. Obtained from the pressing of Leccina, Frantoio, Cima di Mola, Nociara, Cima di Melfi cultivars, it is a delicate oil. It is characterized by a light fruitiness and hints of vegetables. To the palate it is sweet and balanced.

Extra virgin olive oil of superior quality obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means. 100% Italian. Cold extracted.

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Extra virgin olive oil "Nuance" – 100% Picholine cultivar

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