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We have about 1500 centuries-old olive trees and many others of new generation, the “Sorelle Barnaba” company, in the heart of the Apulian countryside, is an innovative company in terms of production but with an eye to tradition. Being the daughters of three generations of olive growers, we have decided to value the work of our father Vito by giving “a name and a face” to the products of our land. With a distinctive brand-new packaging we are addressing a public that appreciates excellence.


The Three Sisters Team boasts different profiles that come together in a renowned experience in the sector. Thanks also to a party of collaborators, they have become an indisputable point of reference for those seeking quality linked to the culture of oil and agri-foodstuffs. A combination of skills matured over the years after a demanding training process and shared to develop a modern corporate vision based on the values of the past, but at the same time capable of being innovative by vocation. Every day they work to offer genuine specialities, thanks to an intense activity followed from the fields to the communication of the product.

The commitment of a team that works as a system to ensure that food, and not only food, can be found in the unique expressions of the territory, research, balance and elegance. Attention to dignify the simplicity of rural culture, and tenacity to continually face the constantly renewed challenges of the market.

Nicla Barnaba

Administrative manager

Laura Barnaba

Farmhouse and Country house manager

Marianna Barnaba

“A passo d'olio” Restaurant manager